MasterSeries Silver Rust Sealer/Primer Surfacer


MasterSeries primer is one of the most powerful primers in the world. It's the only type of primer that is air tight. In marine salt spray tests, nothing outperforms MasterSeries Permanent Rust Sealer/Surfacer. This product is used on everything from bridges to antique cars. Anywhere that rust is a problem, MasterSeries prevents it from reoccuring. MasterSeries primer is ideal for frames, floor pans, window channels, and especially under chrome molding clips. MasterSeries, when scratched, the rust will not travel beyond the scratch! Anywhere in your restoration where you're on shaky ground, two coats of MasterSeries silver is the answer.



1 Quart Silver $41.00
SPECIAL! 2 Quarts for $76!
3 Quarts=$108
4 quarts=$132





MasterSeries Chassis Black

MasterSeries Chassis Coating is a one part urethane with extreme chip resistancy, very high gloss, and never a brush mark! This coating can be applied directly over wire brushed rust. For permanent results, we recommend our silver primer first for 20 to 25 years service life. Can also be sprayed! 





1 Quart Chassis Black $41.00
SPECIAL! 2 Quarts for $76!
SPECIAL! 3 Quarts for $108!
SPECIAL! 4 Quarts for $132!





MasterSeries AG111

AG 111 High Performance Finish Paint is the ultimate in high performance finishing paints! The uses for this paint are endless! Besides automotive restoration, this paint has seen service in every conceivable hostile environment from wrought iron railings to the Pittsburgh Homestead High Level Bridge! It is a two part urethane that is available in gloss black, satin black, clear, red, yellow, white, and gray. This is the ideal finish for firewalls, frames, wheel wells, and any other hostile environment. Master Series AG 111 has non-yellowing, non-chalking combined with excellent gloss retention and will retain a high gloss through many years of service. It is widely used as an anti-graffiti paint for mass transit vehicles as a topcoat for structural steel and bridges, industrial floor coating, high performance architectural applications. Two coats of the MasterSeries Permanent Rust Sealer Primer and one coat of AG 111 will withstand 14,000 hours of salt spray! AG 111 is also one of the most powerful anti-chemical coating systems available. AG 111 will withstand 90 days immersion in acetone.


$49.00 in pre-measured quarts



AG111 Kits - $88.00
(Include 1 Quart AG111 with hardener, 1 Pint Solvent, and 1 Quart Silver)

1 Quart AG111 GLOSS $49
SPECIAL! 2 Quarts GLOSS for $92!
1 Quart AG111 SATIN $49
SPECIAL! 2 Quarts SATIN for $92!




Shipping costs within the continental US

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Email for rates to other areas or other quantities

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